About Us


EUHONKA has been providing construction of wooden objects, canopies, roofs and gazebos for over 20 years.

Testimonies of many satisfied clients regarding quality and velocity of construction works place Euhonka among leading companies in construction of wooden objects in Croatia and Europe



Regardless its purpose (car, terrace, balcony canopy etc.) a well-made canopy provides a house with certain character. Thus it is important to make it an integral part of a house, adapted to a surrounding area.

When discussing a canopy construction, our team of experts comes on site to suggest the best type of canopy to fit an existing object.

A canopy frame has to endure the snow and wind. Bearing structures are made from wood and the cover is from material chosen by a customer at a suggestion of our experts (tiles, tin plates or other material). The wood is treated by protective coatings and painted afterwards.



Every house becomes a fairy tale retreat with a proper gazebo in the garden. Breakfast in the garden, afternoon tea, shelter from the sun while enjoying a good book or company will be even more pleasant in a garden gazebo.

Every gazebo can be adapted to requests of a client, garden configurations, climate, as well as its purpose and intention – to protect from the sun, wind or sight.

Garden gazebos are made from quality materials according to customer’s desires and demands. Experienced Eurohonka’s experts provide customers with professional suggestions. Gazebos are built in such a way to endure the snow and wind. Their persistence and resistance are guaranteed by protective coating and paint.

krovišta i kuće

Roofs and houses

A roof has always been related to security, home and family as a properly built roof can last for decades. Before we start reconstructing or repairing it, we should know whether it is going to be an “ordinary” roof or rather an air-conditioned one or it might be turned into a heated space.

In order to make a roof meet your demand and to provide its efficacy, it is important to consult an expert at the very beginning since the decision determines the way and price of its construction.

As a roof is a part of house decor, we construct and reconstruct roofs according to desires of our clients. We build in roof windows and make dormer windows, assemble roof sheet-metal constructions with gutters as well as all the necessary works in order to provide you with a functional and long-lasting roof which will resist all the weather conditions or other challenges.