Differences between gazebo and pergola

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Gazebos and pergolas are favorite garden structures that are most often used for relaxing outside and hanging out with family and friends. Both structures have multiple roles and are common. However, it is important to know that there are differences, which, fortunately, are easy to recognize, so there is no room for confusion.

Pergolas – can be freestanding or lean on a building or house, and as they are multifunctional, they can easily fit into almost any yard. They are a structure consisting of vertical load-bearing columns and roof beams. It is common for them to achieve shade by using climbing plants or vines which promote the growth of the pergola, and in order to succeed in this, it must be strong. Some pergolas have flexible roofs which in turn can provide partial or complete shade. When we talk about the shape of the construction, there is no confusion: it is either rectangular or square, so there is a choice between these two options. They are usually affordable and easy to build.

Gazebo – a unique construction for the garden, which is made either in a circle or in shapes such as pentagons, hexagons, and can have up to 12 pages. However, the choice usually falls on the octagon. It can also have multiple functions, such as one for rest, lunch, socializing, celebrations, or simply for breakfast in the fresh air. The design of the gazebo is a bit more diverse than the pergola, so the pillars can be carved with special motifs and decorated with various details. Pages can be open, closed or with the ability to open and close. Lighting can also be installed, as with pergolas, climbing plants, then flowers, wooden figures, tools, and even furniture. The choice is yours.

After describing these structures, we bring a brief summary of the differences between a pergola and a gazebo:

– Pergolas usually provide partial shade without a completely closed roof

– Pergolas are either rectangular or square, while gazebos are circular or geometric in shape with 5 or more sides

– Gazebos can only have a solid roof, while the pergolas are covered or partially, completely or not covered at all

– Pergolas are more affordable and simpler in terms of construction complexity, while gazebos are more complex and it is necessary to plan their construction due to the specific shape and size of the structure

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