Making canopies

Whether it is a canopy for cars, terraces, balconies, etc., a properly constructed canopy gives character to the whole house. That is why it is very important to be a part of the building, not to deviate from it, to be acceptable to the environment in which it must completely fit.

During each conversation about the canopy, the expert team must go out on the field to suggest to the buyer the type of canopy that best fits the existing condition of the building.

It is also important that the construction of the canopy is made to withstand all loads of snow or wind. The load-bearing structures of the canopies are made of wood, and the canopy cover is made of materials chosen by the party with the expert suggestions of Eurozone staff (tile, sheet metal or other material). The wood is treated with protective coatings, and then with paint.

nadstresnica vrtna kucica pergola4
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